26 animated episodes — 30 minutes each

The Trap
Beauty captures Rahn, a wolf from White Fang’s pack, and takes bets for the dogfight of the decade. Little does he know that White Fang is hot on his tail, but when Beauty causes an avalanche that buries Wendy and Matt in the snow, White Fang first digs them out, then he hurries to help Rahn and deal with Beauty. But when White Fang frees Rahn from the fight, he finds himself in the ring with Jack the bulldog as an opponent.

The Gold Nugget
When Matt saves a prospector’s life, he is rewarded with a huge nugget, which he gives to Bella for safe keeping. An ever greedy Beauty learns of the nugget, and while trying to steal it, he starts a fire. Luckily, White Fang wakes Bella in the nick of time, and she escapes from the flames, but the wolf is blamed for the fire. Wendy must play detective to clear White Fang’s name.

Wendy and White Fang witness a miner’s claim being robbed. The thief chases after Wendy and she falls. When she wakes, she cannot remember what happened. White Fang brings her to town, and is blamed for her injury. Weedon refuses to believe the wolf is responsible, and he suspects that De Lazlo is up to no good. White Fang decides that he must protect Wendy, and he sneaks back to Dawson just as the thief is looking for Wendy. At the sight of White Fang, Wendy’s memory is restored but now they must find a way to get the claims back to their rightful owners.

The young son of a wealthy prospector, William, comes to Dawson to take over his father’s claim and De Lazlo sets out to steal it. Wendy befriends William and when she introduces him to White Fang, he experiences a preciously unfelt emotion: jealousy. De Lazlo’s plan is to convince William that the claim is worthless, but when William is put in grave danger, White Fang must overcome his feelings to help the young boy. Wendy, White Fang and William watch De Lazlo and Beauty clear the claim of debris, and William strikes it rich.

Fool’s Gold
De Lazlo has new scam- Beauty stocks an area with fake nuggets, and De Lazlo sells worthless claims to the highest bidders. Weedon investigates the bogus strikes and ends up rescuing a man who has uncovered De Lazlo’s scheme – but he can only prove it with White Fang and Wand’s help. White Fang, knowing miners are moving into new territory, decides the destruction to the environment must be stopped. Our heroes must somehow convince the miners that De Lazlo is selling bogus claims so that at least this one area outside of Dawson will remain intact.

Two Free Beings
Argentea and Grey Coat, two wolves from White Fang’s pack, are seperated when they are chased by hunters. Argentea is about to have cubs and White Fang leads her to a secluded cave near an abandoned claim but Grey Coat is caught in one of Beauty’s nets. A friend of Bella’s, Mike, a black man, arrives in Dawson and Wendy helps him get settled at his new claim. Beauty unsuccessfully tries to tame Grey Coat and when White Fang helps him escape, Beauty vows to find him. Mike enters the cave near his claim and he finds Argentea and her cubs. Mike wants to leave the wolf family in peace but Beauty shows up and threatens to harm them. It’s up to White Fang and Wendy to ensure that the wolf family remains together and free.

The River of Life
De Lazlo and Beauty have built a dam, figuring that without water, the claims downstream will fail and De Lazlo will take them over. The Han Indians are alarmed at the low water level and Raven Moon warns that there will be no salmon for generations if they cannot swim upstream. Weedon’s investigation points at De Lazlo, but he needs Wendy and White Fang’s help to prove it. White Fang and the wolves gnaw through the support ropes and destroy the dam.

The Ice Bound Boat
The steamboat fails to arrive and everyone in Dawson is in desperate need of supplies. De Lazlo is making a fortune selling food at a huge profit so when he learns that the steamboat is caught in the ice down river, he sends Beauty to swipe some food and sink the ship. Weedon and Matt organize a rescue party to find and unload the steamer. Beauty gets there first and loads his sled and tries to sink the steamer with dynamite, but White Fang interferes. The rescue party arrives to find a very cold and wet Beauty stuck in the ice. They all must hurry to unload the ship before it sinks. White Fang hauls Beauty’s loaded sled back to his pack providing them with enough food to survive the cold winter.

The Expedition
A crazy scientist arrives in Dawson with a gold detector and claims of a gold mountain that can be found in the far North. Weedon forms an expedition to cover the story but won’t bring Wendy along. But a sneaky De Lazlo follows the expedition and hauls Wendy along for ransom. White Fang also follows and frees Wendy from De Lazlo’s clutches. Meanwhile, De Lazlo, not one to give up easily, traps Matt, Wendy and White Fang on an ice flow. An Eskimo rescues them and convinces them to do the right thing. They must all stop De Lazlo and convince the expedition team that the sacred mountain must be left alone.

Leap of Danger
An animal trapper, Tamer, arrives in Dawson offering a reward to the person who captures a black wolf that was recently spotted in the area. Beauty tells Tamer about White Fang and they join forces to capture both wolves. White Fang is reunited with the black wolf, Dark, who is in fact his brother. When they were young they tried to stop trappers from harming the wolf pack but Dark was captured by Tamer and he blames White Fang. While trying to warn White Fang, Weedon and Wendy lead Tamer and Beauty to White Fang’s lair where they capture One Eye to use as bait. White Fang and Dark must forget the past to save their old leader and together they make the leap of danger, becoming true brothers once again.

An Adventure at Every Turn
Wendy, looking for a scoop for the newspaper, discovers Beauty dynamiting other stampeder’s claims. She is about to stop him when a landslide from the dynamite exploding puts her in danger. White Fang hauls her out of the way and they end up on a raft floating down the gating Yukon River. A log jam caused by the landslide not only puts Wendy and White Fang at risk, but also the steamboat that is chugging up river with supplies for Dawson. They must somehow save themselves and the steamboat from sure destruction.

The Golden Touch
Weedon runs a story about a large strike and the lucky owner, Bill Gordon, is swamped by stampeders who want a share of his claim. Wendy sees Bill with De Lazlo and figures something is fishy but she is captured before she can warn everybody. White Fang must convince Weedon that Wendy is in danger, and Weedon tricks De Lazlo into revealing where his daughter is being kept. It is Bella, however, who saves Wendy, as the towns folk who bought shares of the bogus claim believe that Weedon is responsible. Weedon’s good name is restored and De Lazlo must reimburse the miners.

The Revenge
Bill Bradock is let out of jail and he heads to Dawson looking for Beauty Smith and revenge. After Bill frees a wolf cub from a trap he is attacked by a grizzly. White Fang saves him but not before he is injured. White Fang brings Wendy to Bill and then to Raven Moon where Bill is healed. Weedon investigates Bill’s arrest and he finds proof that Bill was actually framed by Beauty – but can White Fang and Wendy stop Bill before he does something foolish? Bill is pardoned and gets his claim back, but he has had enough of civilized life so he leaves for the wild a proud and pardoned man, passing Beauty who is at the woodpile.

Otter Madness
A family of otters makes it’s home near Dawson just before a government decree cancels the annual otter hunt. Wendy overhears two hunters, Jeb and Clayton, who are poaching otters for De Lazlo. Wendy hides in their wagon to try and stop them and get a scoop for the paper. Two of the cubs in White Fang'’ pack, who are always causing mischief, run into the poachers. White Fang helps free Wendy when she is captured and with the help of the two cubs they team up to stop the poachers. Jeb and Clayton are arrested and Wendy is able to implicate De Lazlo who is forced to donate the fine money to a local charity.

The Fountain of Gold
Beauty stumbles on the lair of the spirit of the wolves and sees that it is rich with gold so he heads to Dawson to get his equipment. Raven Moon warns White Fang that the lair must remain untouched, so White Fang and Wendy try to trick Beauty into believing that it was all a dream. When De Lazlo learns of the gold cavern he tells Beauty to capture Wendy to force her to lead them to the lair but Wendy runs away and hides in the cavern. The spirit of the wolves will destroy the lair if it is entered and White Fang is torn between his love for Wendy and his allegiance to the spirit of the wolves.

De Lazlo finds a weedon look alike named Sharper. Beauty kidnaps Weedon, hides him in a cave, and Sharper takes Weedon’s place at the Klondike Clarion in order to take over the newspaper. Wendy quickly realizes what is up, but when she too is taken prisoner, it is up to Whie Fang to help them. Raven Moon finds Wendy and Weedon, but Beauty causes a cave in threatening Raven Moon’s life. The first edition of the fake Clarion is off th epresses and miners are flocking to De Lazlo to buy some claims. White Fang must dig out the trapped victims in time to save Raven Moon, and stop the phony sale of the Clarion to De Lazlo.

Wendy Runs Away
Weedon is going out of town and he leaves Wendy in the care of Mrs. Jenkins, who is also taking care of another young girl, Susan Simpson. A large bear causes havoc in the wild almost injuring a wolf cub from White Fang’s pack. Unhappily confined, Wendy and Susan run away, and a very worried Sgt. Oakes and Matt must form a search party to find them. Wendy and Susan find themselves caught in a dead end when the bear attacks. White Fang must hold the bear off until Sgt. Oakes and Matt come to the rescue. Wendy and Susan regret running away and the young cub promises to wait patiently until he is big enough to go on the hunt.

The Traitor
Wendy is teased for being a goody two shoes, and White Fang is accused of being a traitor by the leader of another wolf pack. Wendy and another young girl, Jeannie, try to stop Beauty from luring the other wolf pack in a pit-trap, and the girls are locked in a cabin. White Fang frees the girls and the wolf pack, and Beauty finds himself surrounded by two angry girls and a pack of vengeful wolves.

A Charmed Life
To claim an inheritance, Wendy has to pass a test given by Harriet Doolitle, a famous tutor of young ladies. Harriet finds that Wendy has many skills, but proper "civilized" manners are not among them. White Fang is having problems of his own when he is captured by an Indian band that De Lazlo cheated out of their land. They believe the great wolf will bring them luck. Wendy ditches her tutor and sets out to free White Fang, but she is followed by a determined Harriet who learns that good manners are not necessarily needed in the wild. Wendy proves that she is not only savvy but is also generous when she turns the inheritance money over to the Indians who can now get their land back from an angry De Lazlo.

The Lynx
When Wendy’s friend Jeannie brings a lynx cub to her house, she doesn’t realize what kind of trouble will follow. The lynx’s mother arrives in town looking for her cub, and De Lazlo, trying to impress Bella, vows to capture it.. White Fang, knowing the two girls and the lynx are in great danger, tries to help the lynx mother find her cub. De Lazlo’s many failed attempts are a source of great amusement and when Weedon intervenes, he and De Lazlo both end up in the freezing cold river. In the end, the efforts of White Fang and Wendy lead to the mother and cub being reunited and returned to the wild, where they belong.

The Thunder Mask
During the first moon of spring celebration at the Han Village, Beauty steals the Thunder Mask, a powerful icon. Raven Moon warns that great hardships will befall the Han if the mask is not returned to its rightful place. When the Han village catches fire, White Fang must hurry to save Wendy from one of the burning cabins, but she remains unconscious. When Weedon gets to the Han village and learns what has happened, he devises a plan to find the Thunder Mask and get it back in time to save Wendy and the entire Han village.

The Great Showman
Dr. Spout, a carnival snake oil salesman, arrives in Dawson with his dog Trickster and they con people into buying a miracle cure all elixir. Trickster becomes friends with White Fang and decides to run away to live in the wild. When Beauty finds out there is a reward for Dr. Spout’s capture, he riles up a crowd, which heads out to find Dr. Spout. Trickster must help save his old friend and master or stay free in the wild. White Fang decides to help, and after Trickster is reunited whit his master, Dr. Spout, along with Trickster, leaves on the next steamboat and returns the money – vowing never to cheat again- at least not until he gets to the next town.

Beauty heists gold from a steamboat and hides it in a cave, while De Lazlo arranges for Beauty’s alibi by pretending Beauty is trapped in a cave in. Keewan, one of White Fang’s pack, is hurt and her cub wanders off alone. Beauty and De Lazlo’s plan would succeed except that Wendy, always suspicious of Beauty, follows him to where he hid the gold, and along the way she finds the lost cub. She is about to bring the cub to White Fang when Keewan, acting strangely from being just, threatens to harm her. White Fang intervenes. Raven Moon is able to heal Keewan, and Beauty is caught red-handed with the stolen gold.

White Fang Goes to Town
After Wendy is falsely accused of stealing and causing trouble, Weedon reluctantly sends her to Victoria to live with her aunt. White Fang, feeling responsible for Wendy’s troubles, makes it aboard the ship, and together they travel to the big city. Upon their arrival, White Fang must escape from the dogcatcher and Wendy is taken to her aunt’s. White fang meets Mac, a street-smart alley dog, and together they try to find Wendy. Wendy runs away from her aunt and is reunited with White Fang, but they must save Mac from the dog catcher and still make it on board the last ship heading back to Dawson.

The Team
Weedon has a toothache, but his regular dentist, Theodore Jenkins, has mysteriously vanished and Weedon refuses to visit Painless Porter, the new dentist in town. White Fang finds Matt’s lead dog, Buck, in the wild and tries to teach him how to live with the wolf pack – but Buck is hard pressed to adapt. Wendy learns that when patients are given laughing gas, Painless cleans out their pockets. Weedon, who will do anything for a story, decides to visit Painless" office, but his plan backfires and Beauty takes him and Wendy prisoner, along with the kidnapped Theodore. They are rescued by an unlikely hero, Buck, and Sgt. Oakes hauls the hysterical Beauty and Painless to the woodpile after a laughing gas canister explodes.

The Beavers
In exchange for mining equipment, an old miner named Clancy gives De Lazlo 50% of his claim but then Beauty frames Clancy for stealing some dynamite, allowing De Lazlo to take over complete control of the rich claim. When Beauty destroys a beaver dam to increase the water flow for the claim, baby beavers end up in Dawson, leaving a trail of chaos. Wendy brings them back into the wild, while Bella decides to clear Clancy’s name. In the wild, Wendy, Bella and White Fang set up a sting to catch Beauty and De Lazlo red handed with the stolen dynamite, and in the light of exploding fireworks, Clancy strikes it rich and the beavers get their home back.