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Are you interested in showing feature films months before the home video release date? Are you interested in bringing Hollywood’s greatest films to your School, College, University, Recreation Centre, Library, Museum, Art Gallery, Hospital, Hotel, Prison, or on your Bus Lines? Did you know that showing feature films is easy, cost-effective, profit generating, and fun?

Criterion Pictures is the non-theatrical distributor of Feature Films for many of Hollywood’s Major Motion Picture Studios. We offer movies to the non-theatrical market (definition) on four primary mediums: Blu-Ray and DVD.

The majority of our films are available months before the home video release date. Our customers use these films for film programs across the country. Many Canadian schools, College and University Student Councils, Bus Companies, Hotels, Recreation Centres and Public Libraries show movies as fund raisers or special events on a regular basis.

Criterion Pictures can meet all your programming needs. We can provide films and help to arrange necessary equipment. Explore our web site or contact a member of our qualified staff to find out more details.

We are here to help, so give us a call. 1-800-565-1996

What is Non-theatrical?

Non-theatrical Market refers to all publicly performed exhibition of feature films, in any and all linear formats and via any and all delivery systems, now known (including, without limitation, direct-to-optical projection, videogram display, closed circuit transmission and satellite transmission) or hereafter devised, that are shown in all educational institutions; correctional facilities; libraries; museums; government institutions; community centres; recreational facilities; hospitals and other health care facilities; shut-in institutions; common areas of apartments, condominiums, dormitories and other residential communities; retirement centres; camps; religious institutions; all manner of fraternal, benevolent and community clubs and organizations; bars; restaurants; hotels; conference facilities; business facilities; and buses and other transportation services.

Mission Statement

It is our goal to provide top quality feature films quickly and cost-effectively to the Canadian non-theatrical market. With over 25 years of experience we can proudly offer our customers superior customer service and an outstanding selection of Hollywood’s greatest films. The staff at Criterion Pictures recognizes that your success is ultimately ours.

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